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A Security Partnership between You and MERCO

Here at MERCO Credit Union we do our part by choosing partners that hold your personal information to the highest degree. We believe it is important to protect yourself and your computer. We’ve compiled this list of cyber security tips to help you do your part in keeping your information as safe as possible.

  1. Make sure your password is unique and is 8 or more characters that combine letters, numerals, and symbols. Do not use the same user ID and password for your financial accounts as you do for other sites.
  2. Keep your computer operating system and browser up to date with the latest software and security downloads. These may be called “patches” or “service packs” and should be installed as soon as possible.
  3. Make sure when going on a mobile device or computer for doing financial transactions that you are on a secured Wi-Fi network, which requires you to enter a password to use it. Try to avoid “open to the public” unsecured wireless networks these have no protection and no security whatsoever – anyone can get onto it.


What is Grow Merced? Grow Merced is a countywide awareness program for citizens and business owners to promote the economic and social value of supporting local businesses within our community.

Why Buy Local?

Here are a couple of reasons why “Buy Local” makes sense:
• Creates new jobs and sustains existing jobs.
• Every dollar spent at a locally owned business returns five times that amount within our community through city/county taxes, employee wages, and the purchase of other local goods and services.

What Can I Do?

As a consumer, look for opportunities to buy local instead of shopping on the internet or traveling out of town.
As a member of MERCO Credit Union, you are supporting a local business that started here in Merced County back in 1954.

How Does MERCO Support “Buy Local”?
Grow Merced

MERCO offers a “Buy Local, Borrow Local” auto loan discount program. As an incentive to buy local, MERCO gives a .50% discount on your auto loan rate if you buy your auto from a local dealer in Merced County. In addition, we share our success by support local charities and events…such as the MERCO Credit Union Half Marathon.

Why Is “Buy Local” Important?

Our community’s formula for success is simple…Think Local, Buy Local, Support Local. We all have a stake and responsibility in this…we are only as successful as our neighbor.

Go Green and Save Green! Bill Pay and E-Statements…A Winning Combination!

Why wait for your statement to come in the mail? Why pay for postage to mail your bills? We have the solutions that will save you money. Simply log into home banking and click on the e-statement button to view your statement. Also, view your check images within home banking! Take a look at our easy-to-use bill pay service with all the features you’ve come to expect. To enroll, log into home banking as usual and then click on the “Bill Pay” Button.

Take a look at our Scorecard Rewards Credit Card!

ScoreCard Graphics ButtonTake a look at MERCO Credit Union’s Scorecard Rewards Credit Card.  Earn points and redeem them for brand name merchandise and exciting travel rewards.

Earn one point for every dollar purchased with our competitive low interest rates!  Where else can you get such great rewards and a great rate?  Also, receive 2,500 bonus points when you open your new Visa Credit Card.  Come visit one of our convenient branches to get your card. 

Credit Union Direct Financing with AutoSMART!
Credit Union Direct Lending

When you’re checking out that new or used vehicle, just let the dealer know you’re a MERCO member. With MERCO’S new Credit Union Direct Lending (CUDL) financing options, you can be on your way with a smile and a MERCO loan in minutes!

Take a look at AutoSMART to research a vehicle, locate a local dealer, have dealers compete for your business and find information to help you get the best auto deal.