Phone Spoofing Scam

What Is Spoofing?

There are various types of spoofing, including email spoofing, website spoofing, caller ID spoofing, and SMS spoofing. Spoofing is when someone deliberately falsifies information to disguise their identity. Scammers often use neighbor spoofing so it appears that an incoming call or text is coming from a local number or spoof a number from a company or a government agency that you may already know and trust. If you answer or reply, they use scam scripts to try to steal your money or valuable personal information, which can be used in fraudulent activity.

MERCO Credit Union has been made aware that there may be spoofing of our company information, contacting members to “verify” debit or credit card information. If this information is given out, fraudulent purchases can be made using that information. MERCO will never ask you for your full debit or credit card number over the phone; we have this information encrypted already within our systems and do not need you to tell us to verify any information we have on-file. If you receive a call or text message with the MERCO Credit Union caller ID that seems suspicious, do not engage and call MERCO directly at 209-723-4285.