Mobile and Internet Banking is Available – 02/18/2021 Update

Mobile and Internet Banking is currently available. We apologize for the inconvenience. Being there for you when you need us is very important to us. We will endeavor to work with our service provider to do better.

What caused the outage on Monday?

Internet and Mobile Banking went offline on Monday morning because of massive power outages across Texas. This impacted the data center used for these services. The backup generators were frozen and would not operate. In any case, additional fuel was unable to be delivered due to the lack of supply and unsafe road conditions. Our service provider made the decision to relocate the impacted services to a data center in a different state. Service was restored early on Thursday morning.

Debit Card Impact at Second Data Center:

At a different data center in Texas on Wednesday, a pipe burst due to the cold weather. This risked flooding the data center. Power was shut off at this center as the risk of water damage was addressed. During this period, equipment overheated due to lack of cooling to critical servers resulting in a shutdown of debit card authorizations. As a result. Debit Card transaction authorizations may have been limited to $200 per day. By Thursday, service and authorizations were restored.

We apologize for these issues. As mentioned previously, we will be working with our service provider to do better. Thank you for your valued membership in MERCO Credit Union.