Worried About Your Mortgage?

In these difficult financial times it can be hard to make ends meet.  If you are having difficulty making your monthly home loan payment, we are here to help.  We may be able to help you avoid foreclosure by temporarily reducing your current rate and payment or by offering you new loan terms that better fit your budget.  The important thing is to call us or come in and talk to a Mortgage Loan Officer before the problem gets too big to resolve!

How to Contact Us

Mortgage Loan Officers are available in our Merced Branch to talk to you about options Monday through Friday during normal business hours.  Call (209) 723-4285 or (800) 273-4993.  Our Merced Branch is located at 1911 M Street, Merced.

Other Resources

Housing and Urban Development (HUD), a U.S. Government agency, can help you find a free HUD-certified housing counselor who can help you explore available options to help you keep your home. Call (800) 569-4287 or TTY (800) 877-8339.

Take the First Steps to Find a Solution

  • Call us or HUD right away.
  • When you call, be prepared to discuss your monthly income and expenses.
  • Collect together proof of all sources of current income (e.g. pay stubs or statements that show direct deposits).
  • We may give or send you additional paperwork to complete that can help us find the best option for you.