Internet Privacy Policy

Purpose of MERCO’s Web Site
MERCO Credit Union maintains this Web site as a source of information for members and the general public.

Information We Collect
Each visit to our site updates a numeric counter. We do not collect personal identifying information about anyone who visits this Web site. MERCO has no control over personal information collected from Internet sites accessed by a link from this site. Concerns about personal information collected by a linked site should be directly addressed to the specific Web site provider. The MERCO Credit Union site is not intended for children under the age of 13, and MERCO Credit Union does not knowingly collect personal information about those children.

Contacting MERCO Credit Union
Contacting MERCO Credit Union through our Web site does not require you to give us your e-mail address unless you wish us to use it to contact you. All contact requests go to a general mailbox and we will contact you in the manner you request.